GOP gubernatorial candidates spent the weekend attacking each other: Corman’s attempt to go after Mastriano backfired, McSwain got called out as Pat Toomey’s “puppet” (again), and White was attacked as a “career politician.”

PENNSYLVANIA — It was a busy weekend in the “chaotic” GOP PA-Gov primary and, unsurprisingly, Pennsylvanians weren’t the far-right candidates’ focus — instead, attacking each other over who’s got the biggest list of MAGA bonafides dominated their weekend. Jake Corman was dealing with the fallout of his “shameful” and “frivolous” “political stunt” calling for an investigation targeting far-right firebrand and GOP frontrunner Doug Mastriano. Bill McSwain was busy fending off attacks calling him Pat Toomey’s “puppet/candidate” for Governor. And Dave White continued to draw attention for his blatantly false claim of being an “outsider,” even though he’s been an elected official for over 20 years.

While the candidates were once again busy attacking each other, the frequent target of their attacks, Doug Mastriano, was spending his time at CPAC where he earned recognition as a top conservative legislator in the nation — for the third consecutive year.

In case you were doing anything else this weekend, check out all you missed in the ugly GOP race-to-the-far-right:

Jake Corman’s attacks on Doug Mastriano backfire spectacularly

After Jake Corman was called out by Franklin County District Attorney Matt Fogal for his  “shameful” and “frivolous” “political stunt,” Corman took his desperate fight to resurrect his crumbling campaign directly to Mastriano, calling him out by name on Twitter on Friday night.

Bill McSwain faces increasing criticism for being Pat Toomey’s “puppet”

Bill McSwain has already been called “property of Pat Toomey” by a group backing Lou Barletta for Governor, and now, those attacks are escalating with a new round of text messages sent to Pennsylvanians about Toomey’s “puppet/candidate Bill McSwain for Governor.”

Dave White is called out as a “career politician”

Dave White’s hypocrisy is on full display — and people are taking notice. He’s long claimed to be an outsider to Republicans’ failures and dysfunction, but the reality is that he was a politician for over 20 years. Now, he’s being called out for it, with new text messages hitting Pennsylvanians’ phones targeting “career politician” Dave White.