A series highlighting the most damaging stances from this “chaotic” “free-for-all” primary

PENNSYLVANIA — On the last day before the GOP Senate primary, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is recapping our “Damaged Goods” series. The primary was the nastiest and most expensive in the country, with more than $55.5 million spent in total, as these candidates and outside groups savagely attacked each other.

Below you can find multiple different examples of how the GOP Senate candidates have  damaged each other during their “chaotic,” “free-for-all” intra-party fight.

Social Security and Medicare

Both Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick and New Jersey daytime TV show host Mehmet Oz would be a vote for a GOP agenda that would sunset Medicare and Social Security while raising taxes on 35% of Pennsylvanians

The two carpetbaggers also both supported Trump tax cuts, with McCormick going so far as to say they should be made permanent, a move that benefits the wealthy (like themselves) and corporations while threatening programs like Medicare and Social Security.

At a campaign event, McCormick was even caught putting a target on programs like Social Security and Medicare:

David McCormick, the former CEO of the powerful hedge fund Bridgewater Associates, is a leading Republican candidate in the critical battleground of Pennsylvania. At a meet-and-greet on March 25, he acknowledged that entitlements were a “third rail” but proceeded to touch it anyway.

While McCormick noted that “we made promises” to “anybody in this room that’s got gray hair,” he argued entitlements “aren’t sustainable in their current form for the future of our country.”

“I don’t think my kids are going to be able to live under the same entitlements that all of us that are here,” McCormick said. “We have to face that reality and do two things at the same time: keep our promises to people we made them to, and change our entitlements in a way that are defensible and fundable into the future.”

Reproductive rights

In a recent debate, both Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick and New Jersey daytime TV host Mehmet Oz opposed abortion rights, even in cases of rape and incest.

In an interview with Laura Ingraham, McCormick celebrated the reported overturn of Roe v. Wade:

“If in fact the decision of the court turns out to be what was in this brief, this would be a huge step forward and a huge victory for the protection of life, which is certainly where the conservative and Republican Party is in Pennsylvania and a number of Democrats. And this is an issue on the campaign trail, it’s already been a flash point. I’m someone who’s pro-life, who’s been pro-life.”

Oz also celebrated the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade, calling the ruling “wrong” and promising to support further “pro-life legislation”.


In this race, both candidates have taken a beating over their connections to China.

Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick has made a fortune from his ties to China, along with outsourcing Pennsylvania jobs. McCormick even went as far as to say he was “blessed” by his work in China in an interview with NBC News. When Trump came to Pennsylvania, he slammed McCormick for his hedge fund having “managed money” for China.

McCormick isn’t the only one in this race who is hampered by his ties to China. Oz has made a fortune promoting a multilevel marketing company’s nutritional products in China, and McCormick has slammed the New Jersey daytime TV show host for “making his fortune from syndicating his show in China, enriching itself through censorship and CCP propaganda.

The Big Lie

Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick is the “chameleon” who underwent a complete “MAGA makeover” in a desperate attempt to win Trump’s endorsement. As part of this, he completely debased himself whenever he was asked about 2020 election conspiracies, as seen here with NBC10 Philadelphia:

McCormick did all of this only to lose out on the endorsement and watch Trump viciously attack him during a rally for Oz

New Jersey daytime TV host Mehmet Oz has also embraced 2020 conspiracy theories, saying at a recent debate that he had discussed the issue with Trump and “we cannot move on” from the 2020 election.

Raising taxes on the middle class

Both Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick and New Jersey daytime TV host Mehmet Oz would be a vote for a Republican agenda that would raise taxes on 35% of Pennsylvanians. The plan, which the Pennsylvania Capital Star called “uniformly terrible”, would hit poor families and seniors the hardest.