A series highlighting the most damaging stances from this “chaotic” “free-for-all” primary

PENNSYLVANIA — In the lead up to the GOP Senate primary, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party is continuing our “Damaged Goods” series. Each day leading up to the primary, we’ll be highlighting a different example of how the GOP Senate candidates have  damaged each other during their “chaotic,” “free-for-all” intra-party fight.

Today’s issue: China

Pennsylvania’s GOP primary is not only the nastiest and most expensive in the country, but it has also been a race to appease the most MAGA factions of the Republican party. As a result, whichever candidate emerges from the primary will find themselves completely out of step with the general election voters who will decide this race. 

In this race, both candidates have taken a beating over their connections to China.

Connecticut hedge fund executive David McCormick has made a fortune from his ties to China, along with outsourcing Pennsylvania jobs. McCormick even went as far as to say he was “blessed” by his work in China in an interview with NBC News. When Trump came to Pennsylvania, he slammed McCormick for his hedge fund having “managed money” for China.

McCormick isn’t the only one in this race who is hampered by his ties to China. Oz has made a fortune promoting a multilevel marketing company’s nutritional products in China, and McCormick has slammed the New Jersey daytime TV show host for “making his fortune from syndicating his show in China, enriching itself through censorship and CCP propaganda.

This nasty, expensive, MAGA primary is ensuring that no matter who wins, they’ll be significantly damaged and completely out of step with the general electorate.