David McCormick Was Criticized for“Absurd” Comments Showing He is Out of Touch with Pennsylvanians

PENNSYLVANIA — Today, Bloomsburg Mayor Justin Hummel joined the Columbia County Dems for a virtual press conference to call out McCormick for being out of touch with Pennsylvania communities. This follows mounting criticism of McCormick from Bloomsburg leaders and a recent report exposing him for misleading Pennsylvanians about his upbringing.

“Dave McCormick may be from Pennsylvania but he moved to Connecticut to become CEO of the largest hedge fund in the world. Communities like Bloomsburg struggle with supporting quality schools, providing adequate social services to those in need, and building the infrastructure that attracts new residents,” said Bloomsburg Mayor Justin Hummel. “Those types of things don’t matter to out of state landowners who speculate on a future they aren’t actively investing in. Dave McCormick has brought nothing back to Bloomsburg and he won’t bring anything back to PA.”

“There’s a big difference between growing up on a farm and living in the president’s mansion,” said Columbia County Dems Chair Jill Carlson. “David McCormick has never been a Pennsylvania farmer. He is a former hedge fund CEO living in Connecticut who has spent his career selling out Pennsylvania workers.”

McCormick is Out of State and Out of Touch: 

  • McCormick said he was a farmer despite spending years as the CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund.
  • McCormick has repeatedly lied about growing up on a family farm in Pennsylvania.
  • David McCormick is lying about living in Pennsylvania.“‘I live in Pennsylvania,’ McCormick said” […] “In reality, he’s living in a $16 million mansion in Westport on Connecticut’s “Gold Coast.”
    • David McCormick was also exposed for claiming that he “started with nothing” and “he didn’t have anything” when he actually grew up in a “sprawling hilltop residence.” 
    • McCormick referenced a family “tree farm” in a 2022 ad that was used for the family hobby of raising Arabian horses.