Doug Mastriano hires Trump crony Jenna Ellis as “senior legal advisor” to his gubernatorial campaign, showing he “has little interest in moderating his … campaign ahead of the general election.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Just when Pennsylvanians thought Republican nominee for Governor Doug Mastriano couldn’t get more extreme, he once again doubled down on his extremism, hiring Trump crony Jenna Ellis as a “senior legal advisor” to his campaign — despite the fact that Ellis’ only legal experience in Pennsylvania is championing Trump’s election lies.

Even prior to Ellis’ appointment, Republicans were already calling out Doug Mastriano for his extreme agenda, saying he’s “absolutely of the fringe,” “a cult guy,” “a complete catastrophe,” and “out of step with where Pennsylvania Republican voters traditionally have been.”

Mastriano is so extreme that he’s worrying even his own party — but he “has little interest in moderating his … campaign ahead of the general election.”

“Mastriano is doubling down on his dangerous extremism once again, appointing conspiracy theorist Jenna Ellis as a senior legal advisor to his campaign — clearly he has no interest in moderating or moving on from the 2020 election,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Ellis is a protege of former Trump Attorney Rudy Giuliani, who had his law license suspended for championing the same election lies that earned Ellis her spot on Mastriano’s team. Mastriano is so beyond the pale that even members of his own party have called him out as a ‘member of the fringe’ and a ‘cult guy.’ Pennsylvanians deserve better than dangerous extremists like Doug Mastriano and Jenna Ellis.”

In case you missed the job posting for a position on Mastriano’s campaign, check out Jenna Ellis’ dangerous resume:

  • Jenna Ellis worked alongside Rudy Giuliani as part of Trump’s legal team that sued Pennsylvania to try to throw out mail-in ballots in the Commonwealth following the 2020 presidential election. 
  • Ellis, former personal counsel to Donald Trump, received a Congressional subpoena for “​​promoting claims that the 2020 election was stolen and participating in attempts to disrupt or delay the certification of the election results based on her allegations.”
  • Ellis’ work to champion election conspiracies includes claiming that there was “sufficient evidence” to decertify election results for the 2020 presidential election in five states a year after the fact.
  • Outside of Ellis’ efforts to promote election lies, she has also referred to the LGBTQ+ community as “sinners” whose “conduct is vile and abominable,” and argued that Obergefell v. Hodges was “setting the stage for polyamory, bestiality, and eventually pedophilia.” She even suggested that LGBTQ+ rights cannot be constitutional because they do not “come from God.”