PENNSYLVANIA — Far-right firebrand and GOP PA-Gov front-runner, Doug Mastriano has officially entered the “Super MAGA” primary — and he’s already made clear that he will drag the other candidates to the far-right as the race-to-the-bottom gets more crowded, messy, and out-of-touch. 

Doug Mastriano has embraced practically every far-right litmus test out there and he’s all-in on the MAGA agenda, praising Texas’ abortion ban as “great news,” traveling to Arizona to visit their sham audit, signing a letter calling on all 50 states to conduct forensic audits of the 2020 presidential election and decertify election results — even criticizing public health measures taken to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and comparing vaccination efforts to the Holocaust.

While Mastriano has clashed with other Republicans and earned notoriety for his unwavering support for the former President, polling shows he is entering the GOP race as a front-runner. 

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem issued the following statement on Mastriano’s entry into the GOP primary:

“Doug Mastriano is a far-right conspiracy theorist and insurrectionist, and he’s about to supercharge the Republican primary for Governor. Mastriano has been laser-focused on overturning the last election, banning abortion outright in Pennsylvania, and spreading COVID-19 disinformation — and you can bet he’s going to force those litmus tests on the rest of the Republican field. Pennsylvanians want leaders who will focus on creating jobs, making our communities safer, and improving our schools, but the Republican primary is about to get even nastier and more out-of-touch thanks to Doug Mastriano.”