As candidates focus on Trump instead of issues facing families, numerous reports make clear even Republicans are “privately worried.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Last week, the field of nine extreme Republican candidates for Governor became final after the deadline to withdraw passed, meaning it’s officially the largest GOP gubernatorial primary in state history — and a number of Republicans are even admitting they’re “privately worried.”

In fact, Allegheny County GOP Chair Sam DeMarco said: “We don’t want to allow a bad or poor candidate for the general election to potentially get through with a plurality due to the number of candidates in the race.” 

DeMarco isn’t alone. Other Republicans are agonizing about the impact far-right candidates’ failings could have on down ballot races too, as Bruce Frassinelli noted in an opinion piece, “Several area GOP incumbent state legislators are privately worried that if a polarizing figure such as Mastriano becomes the nominee, he could have an adverse effect on down-ballot candidates in November.”

It’s not surprising even Republicans are worried. While the field is the largest ever, they’re so obsessed with pandering to Trump and the MAGA base, not a single one is focusing on the most pressing issues for Pennsylvanians, like lowering costs, protecting health care, rebuilding our roads and bridges, and helping communities recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, Republicans have been spending the “hot mess” of a primary “crafting their campaigns in [Trump’s] image,” embracing dangerous lies and extreme positions.

“Every single GOP candidate for Governor has made it clear that no matter who comes out of their historically large primary, they’ll be more committed to serving Trump than fighting for Pennsylvania families,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While Trump champion and Big Lie enthusiast Doug Mastriano continues to gain momentum among the Republican base, Republicans are ‘privately worried’ that once a candidate finally crawls out of the ‘Trump Primary,’ it’ll be an unelectable and extreme far-right politician. For once, they’re not wrong.”