“It’s disgusting. It shows that he has no concern nor any interest in Pennsylvania agriculture”

PENNSYLVANIA – In a brutal couple days for a floundering Oz campaign, Oz has taken yet another step towards pissing off every group of voters that exists in Pennsylvania. 

A recent report from the Philadelphia Inquirer revealed the millionaire scam artist from New Jersey received a $50,000 tax credit on his $3.1M manor by taking advantage of a tax program that is meant to benefit Pennsylvania farmers and forest preservation. 

In response, farmers from across Pennsylvania joined former Pennsylvania agriculture Secretary Dennis Wolff for a press call to call out Oz:

City & State, PA farmers slam Dr. Oz for cashing in on a major tax credit designed for farm and forestland

  • “For him to have the audacity to take advantage of a tax relief program intended to help farmers with large acreage, it’s disgusting. It shows that he has no concern nor any interest in Pennsylvania agriculture,” Lewis said at the press conference. “This man could never relate to Pennsylvania agriculture and its community.”
  • Harold Shaulis, a farmer from Somerset County, said he – “like most Pennsylvania farmers” – is a Republican, but that he’s had to go to the “other side” quite often over the last few years because of untrustworthy candidates. 
  • “My Clean and Green taxation was just over a $1,000 less (than Oz’s), and that was on 360 acres,” Shaulis said. “When I look out the window any place in the house, and I see corn, I see oats, I see hay, I see soybeans. I do not see any mansions.” 

WPMT Harrisburg:

“Oz claims he inherited the tax break, but records show he applied for it in March of this year…former Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture Dennis Wolff is expected to address the claims and provide specifics on who the clean and green program is meant to help.”

It wasn’t just farmers who are fed up with Oz. American Federation of Teachers’ Pennsylvania arm issued a statement from their president condemning Oz’s “scheme”.:

“By taking advantage of a tax break on his $3.1M manor that is meant for farmers, not New Jersey TV celebrity quacks, Mehmet Oz is taking money that would otherwise go toward funding public schools. A millionaire who rips off families, students, and teachers to benefit himself is that last person we want representing Pennsylvanians in the U.S. Senate.”

Additionally, this week saw the kickoff of the Fetterman campaign’s “Real Doctors against Oz” tour, as three local doctors came together in Philadelphia to highlight Dr. Oz’s history of peddling debunked supplements, dangerous fad diets, fake miracle cures and the threat his candidacy poses to the health of Pennslyvanians.

NBC 10 Philadelphia:

  • “No real doctor — or any decent human being, to be honest — would ever mock a stroke victim who is recovering from that stroke in the way that Dr. Oz is mocking John Fetterman,” Dr. Val Arkoosh said. “It’s disgusting.”

The Philadelphia Inquirer, John Fetterman campaign’s ‘Real Doctors Against Oz’ tour hits TV doctor over weight-loss advice

  • “Oz simply does not care about the health of Pennsylvanians,” said Dr. Val Arkoosh, who ran against Fetterman, the lieutenant governor, in the Democratic primary.”

    “As a physician, I can tell you with certainty that Dr. Oz is the wrong prescription for Pennsylvania.”

WHYY: Pa. doctors call Dr. Oz’s run for Senate a ‘threat to public health’

  • “I know what happens when abortion becomes illegal. Everything gets harder for pregnant people,” Dr. Lisa Perriera said. “If Dr. Oz were elected, he would only make the struggle for my patients harder.”

    “Oz simply isn’t trusted by real medical professionals,” Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, chair of the Montgomery County Board of Commissioners, said Wednesday on the north steps of Philadelphia City Hall.