“A key figure back in the three November movement. Remember he was one of the leaders that sent a letter to the Senate that day to say hey, we’ve had some discrepancies. We need some time to think through how these electors were certified. It’s Senator Jake Corman.” — Steve Bannon

PENNSYLVANIA — In preparation for his court case defending Trump’s “fraudit,” Jake Corman went back on Steve Bannon’s unhinged podcast — which has been called a “‘dangerous’ fantasyland of election lies.” As he pandered for support from Trump and the MAGA base, Corman repeated many of those dangerous lies about the 2020 election and said he’s “committed” to “getting to the bottom” of what happened on November 3rd. 

“After his ‘MAGA makeover,’ it’s no surprise to see Jake Corman’s true colors come out on Steve Bannon’s podcast. Corman is repeating the same kind of dangerous lies and conspiracy theories as Doug Mastriano and Lou Barletta, and he’s finally admitted that the true purpose of his ‘fraudit’ is to undermine our democracy,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Jake Corman is running so far to the right to win the gubernatorial primary that he’s leaving Pennsylvanians in the dust.”

Republican candidates have appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room podcast “for the chance to demonstrate loyalty to Trump and audition for the former president’s support” — including Jake Corman, Doug Mastriano, and Lou Barletta. Bannon has called challenging the outcome of the 2020 election a “litmus test” for Republicans, saying “there will not be a Republican that wins a primary for 2022 — not one — that doesn’t take the pledge to get to the bottom of Nov. 3.” 

Check out this excerpt from Jake Corman’s most recent appearance on Steve Bannon’s War Room, and his dangerous lies in defense of Trump’s election conspiracy theories ahead of his big day in court:

The Tennessee Star: War Room Pandemic: Steve Bannon Talks Mask Victory, Election Integrity, and Pennsylvania Governor Run with Jake Corman

By Julie Carr, 12/14/2021

Bannon: It’s an incredible victory. Let me ask you. So many people we know and such a big War Room audience in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, obviously very focused on the governor’s race.

How can you ensure the War Room posse that this thing isn’t going to get stolen like three of November of 2020? I know you’ve got these lawsuits and subpoenas and you are fighting Shapiro every day. But look, it’s you versus Shapiro in this governor’s race. He’s clearly going to try to do everything to have the same madness that we had in November of 2020.

How can you commit to these folks out there that want to ring doorbells, knock on doors and be precinct workers, how can you commit to people that we are going to get this thing sorted before we go to the ballot box in November of 2022?

Corman: Our inner government affairs committee is holding hearings right now. As you’ve mentioned we laid out subpoenas which the democrats including the attorney general are fighting against.

But while we are waiting for that court decision to come down to say whether we have the authority to do this investigation, we are still moving forward.

We hired a contractor to assist us with that so that we can get to the bottom of it. Look, Pennsylvania had a governor that voted illegally earlier this year. He voted illegally.

He gave his ballot to his wife to put in a ballot box, which she’s not allowed to do that. We have videotape on election day of November third of someone stuffing a ballot box. One of those mobile boxes that they had.

We saw this issue down in Delaware County. So clearly we have problems. To argue we don’t have problems is not looking at what’s going on. We want to make sure the next election whether you are Republican, Democrat, Independent, or the like that you have faith and integrity in the results of an election because you can’t have a democracy if you don’t have faith in the results.

There is always a line. We want everyone to be able to vote who can. And but we also want to make sure the vote is fair and that people believe in the outcome. Go back to 2016.

The democrats spun this Russian collusion problem that they thought was true but was debunked later on. Clearly, people have concerns. And the Democrats only seem to have concerns when they have concerns but not when Republicans have concerns.

Bannon: Are you committed to getting to the bottom of three of November?

Corman: You have to. You have to. You can’t have a healthy democracy if people don’t believe in the results. And whether they are accurate or not, hundreds of thousands of if not millions of Pennsylvanians don’t have faith in our elections right now or at least have questions.

So our job as policymakers is to ensure and put measures in that you will have faith in the results. Because Republicans will win sometimes and Democrats will win sometimes. That’s less important than having faith in the results.

That’s what a good democracy has. I’m committed. I know our caucus is committed to making sure that we restore integrity to the process if people believe in the results at the end of the day.