York Dispatch: “Thumbs Down to Republican Senate Candidate David McCormick’s Misleading Characterizations Of His Childhood”

PENNSYLVANIA — Following a New York Times report last month that exposed David McCormick for giving “a misleading impression about key aspects of his background,” the York Dispatch editorial board gave McCormick a “thumbs down” for refusing to “play it straight” with Pennsylvanians. 

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  • Thumbs down to Republican Senate candidate David McCormick’s misleading characterizations of his childhood.
  • McCormick, who is making his second bid for the U.S. Senate after losing the primary to New Jersey resident (don’t ask!) Mehmet Oz in 2022, is a wealthy former hedge fund manager who grew up comfortably. Nothing wrong with that. But in offering his origin story on the campaign trail he, goes all Young Abe Lincoln.
  • McCormick talks of growing up on a family farm, bailing hay and trimming Christmas trees as the son of humble schoolteachers. “I didn’t have anything,” he has said.
  • More like he grew up near the family farm. His home was 10 miles away, on the campus of what is now Bloomsburg University, the school at which his father was president for a decade.
  • “He largely grew up in the president’s sprawling hilltop residence, which students called the president’s mansion,” reported the New York Times.
  • Again, nothing wrong with that. But why obscure it?
  • Stories of bailing hay run the risk of putting voters in mind of another family farm chore: shoveling manure.