Doug Mastriano wants to outlaw abortion with no exceptions and throw doctors in jail who perform abortions — he “sits on the far-right of the far-right… he is… reflective of what the Republican Party has become.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Last week, Republicans nominated the most dangerous gubernatorial candidate in Pennsylvania history, and the Pennsylvania Democratic Party’s “Protect our Rights Tour” hit the road right away to call out anti-choice extremist Doug Mastriano for his dangerous plans to take away fundamental rights — including outlawing abortion with no exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother and throwing doctors in jail for performing them.

On Wednesday, the Protect our Rights Tour made its first stop in Pittsburgh for a press conference alongside Democratic elected officials, community leaders, activists and concerned Pennsylvanians, and on Friday, the tour continued on the steps of the State Capitol in Harrisburg. At this event, State Representative Patty Kim, Cumberland County Commissioner Jean Foschi, Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh, and Harrisburg City Council Member and Democratic Congressional candidate Shamaine Daniels reiterated how high the stakes are for reproductive rights in 2022 — and how devastating Dangerous Doug Mastriano would be for our Commonwealth.

While Republicans are reeling in the wake of nominating an extreme, “QAnon-Loving Election Denier,” Democrats are traveling across the Commonwealth to emphasize how crucial it is to elect Josh Shapiro as Pennsylvania’s next Governor to protect our freedoms — including reproductive rights. In case you missed it, check out what Pennsylvanians’ saw on their TVs about the latest Protect our Rights Tour stop in Harrisburg on Friday:


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TRANSCRIPT: In November, Pennsylvanians will elect a new Governor, either Democrat Josh Shapiro or Republican Doug Mastriano. They are two candidates who could not be more different, especially on abortion. Democrats rallied at the State Capitol yesterday, to make sure voters understand just how high the stakes are. With the U.S. Supreme Court set to possibly overturn Roe v. Wade, Democrats worry Republican-backed abortion restrictions could become law. 

“The power to control our own bodies, lives, and futures is at stake.” 

Mastriano opposes abortion, and would outlaw it entirely with no exceptions. Shapiro is opposed to abortion restrictions and believes women must be in charge of their own bodies. Should republicans retain control of the state legislature, a Democratic Governor would be a firewall to keep abortion from being further restricted in pennsylvania.


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TRANSCRIPT: Three days after the primary, the general election is already in full swing. Fox43’s Harri Leigh explains why the Governor’s race in Pennsylvania may center on the contentious issue of abortion. 

Pennsylvania has its two candidates for Governor: Josh Shapiro and Doug Mastriano. Hanging in the balance between them: abortion access. Shapiro supports existing rights. Mastriano has previously introduced a “heartbeat bill” and says he supports a no-exceptions abortion ban. 

Doug Mastriano: It all begins with preserving life and I will do everything in my power here to protect babies so that everyone can live their lives. 

Harri: Given the likely chance that the supreme court could overturn Roe v. Wade and send the issue back to states, the election here is quickly becoming a referendum on abortion rights in Pennsylvania. Democrats in particular are quick to seize on abortion rights to motivate their base. 

Shavonnia Corbin-Johnson, PA Democratic Party Political Director  att the PA Dems “Wee’re already on the ground. We’re door knocking, we’re phone banking. We have organizers in all 67 counties making sure people know how catastrophic it could be for our Commonwealth if Mastriano were to win.” 

They have numbers on their side. A may F&M college poll found 85% of Pennsylvanians think abortion should be legal in all or some circumstances, while 14% think it should be illegal in all circumstances. 


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TRANSCRIPT: The Protect Our Rights Tour calling out Republican Gubernatorial nominee, Doug Mastriano for what they say is an extreme position on abortion. Some Democrats saying if a Republican becomes the next Governor of Pennsylvania, women there could say goodbye to their reproductive rights. 

“I’m gonna leave it up to her. The government needs to stay out of our most personal and sometimes painful decisions. Right now, there are at least 18 bills in Harrisburg in committee that would take away reproductive health choices. If we picked the wrong governor, these bills could become law. Here’s a wake up.”

In the past, Mastriano has said there should be no exceptions for abortion, even the case of rape or incest.


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TRANSCRIPT: State Representative Patty Kim and Montgomery County Commissioner Val Arkoosh and others gathered at the Capitol to remind voters what is at stake this fall and why they must vote for Josh Shapiro for governor in November. The constitutional right to abortion is in jeopardy in our Commonwealth. 

“Make no mistake, the power to control our own bodies, lives, and futures is at stake.” 

Democrats will continue their Protect Our Rights tour with other events across the state. 


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TRANSCRIPT: Pennsylvania Democrats were in Harrisburg today, laying out the stakes for abortion rights in the 2022 election. News 8’s Tom Lehman is live in Harrisburg on how the issue is becoming a central issue in the Governor’s race. 

Tom: Ok this week — earlier this week, we found that Republican Doug Mastriano, a staunch abortion opponent, will be the Republican candidate facing off against Democrat Josh Shapiro, who is for abortion rights. There was a news conference today on the steps of the capitol that saw PA Democrats essentially pointing out that under a Democratic Governor, legislation that would restrict abortions has been vetoed. They are worried about what would happen if Mastriano gets elected in the general election. They pointed to Mastriano’s comments that he is against abortion, without exception, and would sign laws restricting abortion. They also pointed to the fact that a Republican controlled legislature could very well send bills to Mastriano’s desk.

— >> if you love your mom, your sisters, your daughters, you cannot allow extreme views regarding health care to be the law of the land. 

Tom: Mastriano, an unabashed Christian and conservative, has said he’s standing up for the unborn. We’ll have more about how the issue is shaping the issue of — about how the issue of abortion rights is becoming a central one in the Governor’s race. In Harrisburg, Tom Lehman, WGAL.