McCormick in New Video from a 2022 Campaign Event: “We Have to Change the Law on Life”

HuffPost: “GOP Senate Candidates are Racing to Rewrite Past Abortion Positions, McCormick Said That He Supported Prohibiting Abortion […] Suggesting He Did Not Support Exceptions for Rape and Incest”

PENNSYLVANIA — A newly surfaced video from a 2022 campaign event exposes David McCormick’s dangerous abortion position, as he tries to run away from his record. In the video, McCormick tells the crowd “we have to change the law on life.” 

McCormick’s past comments are under increased scrutiny as he attempts to rewrite the record on his abortion position

Watch HERE:

  • David McCormick: “I believe that life begins at conception through natural death and I’ll be a stalwart defender of life. I went to the March for Life a month ago and the thing that jumped out at me was this whole generation of young people that are leading the charge on life. And we have to change the law on life, but more than that we have to change the culture and I think that change is starting to happen.”

ICYMI: HuffPost: GOP Senate Candidates Are Racing To Rewrite Past Abortion Positions. Democrats Are Counting On Voters To See Through It.

  • Democrats are betting that voters will see the multitude of ways GOP senators would help restrict access to abortion, even if they now insist they wouldn’t support abortion bans. HuffPost reached out to the leading GOP candidates for Senate in four major swing states — Brown, Kari Lake in Arizona, Mike Rogers in Michigan and Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania — for more details on their stances on abortion rights. All four were silent on the Supreme Court case heard last week aiming to ban mifepristone, a pill now used in over 60% of American abortions. All would be expected to back the same type of conservative judges who overturned Roe v. Wade in the first place.
  • […] In the debate, McCormick said that he supported prohibiting abortion except for cases where the life of the mother is at risk, suggesting he did not support exceptions for rape and incest.
  • Asked by a moderator whether he would support exceptions for rape, incest, or the life of the mother, McCormick replied, “I believe in the very rare instances there should be exceptions for life of the mother.”
  • McCormick’s campaign also did not register its objections to several press accounts representing that as his position based on his remarks at the debate.