MEMO: Meet Mehmet Oz, the scam artist who Trump has forced upon the Pennsylvania GOP…whether they like it or not

After a brutal primary and recount Pennsylvania’s GOP has been rewarded with their nightmare scenario, the party is stuck with Mehmet Oz. A brutally weak candidate from New Jersey to begin with, he’s coming out of the country’s nastiest primary where he embraced a series of toxic positions while being inundated with attack ads across the commonwealth. 

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Oz is a weak candidate who is carrying heavy baggage from a nasty primary

Mehmet Oz is a carpetbagging millionaire who moved here from New Jersey to try and buy a Pennsylvania Senate seat. He’s the kind of candidate who gets booed at his own events and is only standing here as the nominee because of Donald Trump’s endorsement.

Oz has not only already had millions in negative ads spent against him but he barely survived the country’s nastiest primary. The entire electorate has already been introduced to him as a candidate through either attack ads, his own primary ads that are toxic to a general electorate, or his complete embrace of Donald Trump. All of these combined put an already weak candidate in terrible shape for a general election.

Oz has embraced positions on issues that are toxic in a general election 

He’s spent the entire primary committing to positions that are extremely toxic to the general electorate. Oz said “we cannot move on” from the 2020 election while amplifying baseless conspiracies, called for a ban on abortion even in cases of rape and incestwould support tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations that threaten cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security, and has fully embraced Donald Trump, whose terrible numbers in suburban PA make winning statewide an uphill battle. 

Pennsylvanians don’t trust Oz the scam artist

Mehmet Oz is a fraud and a scam artist who will do, say, and sell anything to help himself – no matter who gets hurt. He’s been called out as “a quack and a fake and a charlatan” whose bogus claims “endanger patients.” 

He is a different, more dangerous kind of Republican: he wants to make abortion illegal, and has pushed Donald Trump’s conspiracy theories and Big Lie about the 2020 election. He’s an out of state, self-serving millionaire who doesn’t care what the people of Pennsylvania think, and that’s why he can’t be trusted in the Senate. 

Pennsylvanians can see past this kind of facade, and they absolutely don’t want a scam artist representing them in Washington.

It can’t be said enough how much of a nightmare this result is for the Pennsylvania GOP. Thanks to Trump’s meddling, they are stuck with a candidate from New Jersey who just had millions in negative ads spent against him, and has become toxic to the general electorate. Pennsylvanians know Mehmet Oz is a scam artist, and that they can’t afford to have him in the Senate.