“‘Meet Wall Street CEO David McCormick…He’s a friend of China and outsourced Pittsburgh jobs.”

PENNSYLVANIA — After spending eight days in violation of FEC rules, David McCormick has officially announced his entrance into the “chaotic” GOP Senate primary, adding more turmoil to a primary that is already one of the messiest and most expensive in the country.

In response, Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Jack Doyle issued the following statement:

“David McCormick is already facing vicious attacks from Republicans for being a Connecticut hedge fund executive with a record of close ties to China and outsourcing Pennsylvania jobs. This GOP primary has already pushed out one frontrunner, and McCormick’s entrance is only going to make it nastier. This field of well funded but flawed candidates is going to ensure this race is an expensive and messy fight to the right. Whoever limps out of it will be significantly damaged and deeply out of step with the Pennsylvania voters that decide the general election.”

Here’s what they’re saying about the Pennsylvania Republican Senate primary and Connecticut hedge fund executive McCormick:

  • Politico, McCormick MAGA-proofs his Senate campaign after dissing Trump “McCormick has been quoted bashing populism, celebrating skilled immigration and even warning about the potential drawbacks of an ‘America First’ mindset. A former hedge fund CEO, he’s overseen more than $1 billion in investments in China… ‘It’s almost insurmountable,’ said Rep. Guy Reschenthaler (R-Pa.), an Oz backer, referring to McCormick’s past comments on Trump.” 
  • Washington ExaminerDr. Oz super PAC greets David McCormick’s Pennsylvania Senate bid with fresh attacks “‘Meet Wall Street CEO David McCormick,’ American Leadership Action’s website reads across the top. ‘He’s a friend of China and outsourced Pittsburgh jobs.’”
  • The Dom Giordano ProgramInterview with Rep. Guy Reschenthaler There’s serious ethical concerns and at a time when we need to hold China accountable. We need to counter China’s various actions and malign influences around the world. Do we want somebody who has made a career and outsourcing jobs to China, bringing capital into Communist China…Anybody that’s been capitulating to the Chinese, acquiescing to the Chinese Communist Party, they should not be able to represent a state in the United States Senate.
  • Philadelphia Inquirer OpinionThe OTHER out-of-state GOP Senate guy is worse | Will Bunch Newsletter After spending years away in Connecticut’s mansion zone to become a hedge-fund super-rich guy on Wall Street, prodigal son David McCormick is wrong-way crossing the Delaware to become the latest big-spending out-of-stater to get bug-eyed over the once-in-a-lifetime open-seat opportunity to represent 12.9 million total strangers in Pennsylvania as our next U.S. senator. Well apparently, anyway.
  • The HillGOP grapples with chaotic Senate primary in Pennsylvania The Senate GOP primary in Pennsylvania has become a free-for-all…Now, the party is again contending with an unsettled field as big personalities — with big money behind them — make late entries into arguably the country’s most significant Senate race….Neither Oz nor McCormick is without baggage, leaving existing primary candidates — and Democrats — ready to pounce.”
  • York DispatchCandidates parachuting into Pa. to run for our U.S. Senate seat a troubling development So, it will be up to Pennsylvania’s Republican voters at the May 17 primary. Are they OK with ultra-wealthy office hunters parachuting into their state at the last minute in order to claim a U.S. Senate seat? We hope the answer to that question is no.
  • New York PostPa. Senate GOP primary fight over ‘savior’ candidate’s business record “‘McCormick made his fortune by destroying the lives of patriotic Pennsylvanians and shipping their jobs away to China and India for cheap labor,’ a GOP operative involved in the primary told The Post. ‘Even worse, his firm Bridgewater Capital has billions of dollars invested in Communist China.’”