Pennsylvania Democrats Blast Trump’s Calls for Economy to Crash 

PENNSYLVANIA — Last night, during an interview on Fox News, Donald Trump called for the economy to crash — which would devastate [millions] of working Pennsylvanians. In response, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Senator Sharif Street released the following statement

“For years, Donald Trump has been committed to destroying the economy for Pennsylvania families, and now that Pennsylvanians are reaping historic gains from Bidenomics — from lower costs to record job growth — Trump is calling for the economy to crash. With his record as the worst president for jobs in modern American history, it doesn’t come as a surprise that he would root for Pennsylvanians’ livelihoods to be crushed, but fortunately, President Biden and Vice President Harris have turned the country around from Trump’s failed MAGAnomics agenda and built a booming economy that’s delivering real impacts across our state. The contrast is clear as day between Trump’s plans to raise costs and cripple the economy and President Biden’s agenda that’s building the economy from the bottom up and the middle out — and Pennsylvanians will remember that contrast at the ballot box this November.”

While Trump wants the economy destroyed, President Biden is delivering for working Pennsylvanians:

  • President Biden has helped create more than 14 million jobs, including 543k in Pennsylvania alone, and helped create more jobs last year than during any year under Donald Trump. 
  • Donald Trump has the worst jobs record since the Great Depression.
  • Under President Biden, 800,000 manufacturing jobs have been created, and another 875,000 in construction and engineering.
  • That’s more than at any point under Donald Trump
  • 371.5K Pennsylvanians saved an average of $800 on health insurance in 2023 and 2.8M seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries in Pennsylvania will save on prescription drug costs thanks to President Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act. 
  • Donald Trump wants to repeal the IRA, which would raise Pennsylvanians’ costs.