No matter who Republicans nominate tonight, it’ll be an extreme far-right politician obsessed with attacking our democracy and taking away Pennsylvanians’ rights.

PENNSYLVANIA — Tonight, Republicans will nominate a far-right politician who will restrict Pennsylvanians’ fundamental rights — from outlawing abortion to making it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to vote.

“​​Every leading Republican candidate for Governor wants to outlaw abortion and make it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to vote — it’s that simple, and the stakes couldn’t be higher for electing Josh Shapiro as our next Governor to protect our freedoms,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “The GOP field, led by extremist Doug Mastriano, has spent months trying to please Donald Trump and the far-right fringe by embracing dangerous election conspiracies and campaigning alongside insurrectionists — and their attacks on democracy don’t stop there. They are also hellbent on outlawing abortion before most women know they’re pregnant and making it more difficult to vote. They’re all wrong for Pennsylvania.”

Every leading GOP candidate for Governor would sign an extreme abortion ban 

The Republican gubernatorial candidates have all vowed to outlaw abortion before most women know they are pregnant, and some have even pledged to do so with no exceptions. 

Doug Mastriano wants to outlaw abortion at 3-weeks with no exceptions even for rape, incest or the life of the mother — and wants to punish doctors for performing them. Former congressman and failed Hazleton Mayor Lou Barletta has promised to “sign any bill that comes to my desk” that would outlaw abortion, and was the co-sponsor of a 6-week abortion ban in Congress. Bill McSwain described the news that the U.S. Supreme Court was going to overturn Roe v. Wade as “the correct decision,” and promised to sign an extreme abortion ban if elected Governor. 24-year career politician Dave White also joined Mastriano in vowing to outlaw abortion with no exceptions, and has received an endorsement from state Sen. Majority Leader Kim Ward who introduced a “constitutional amendment that would clarify that there is no constitutional right to abortion” in Pennsylvania.

GOP candidates for Governor champion election conspiracies and attack our democracy

The Republican candidates for Governor all have embraced election conspiracy theories to please Donald Trump and the MAGA base, campaigning with insurrectionists, conspiracy theorists, and “extreme anti-government” groups, and endorsing Harrisburg Republicans’ sham election “audit” that risks nine million Pennsylvanians’ personal, private information on behalf of the Big Lie. They’ve all vowed to repeal Act 77 — legislation that Republicans themselves voted for — which would make it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to vote. 

Doug Mastriano attended the insurrection, crossing police lines and paying thousands of dollars to bus Pennsylvanians to the Capitol that day — and he received a congressional subpoena for his efforts. Lou Barletta signed on as an “alternate elector” as part of a nationwide scheme to help overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, and has joined every leading “Trump Primary” candidate in refusing to admit that Joe Biden is the rightful president. Bill McSwain wrote a desperate letter to Donald Trump furthering the Big Lie and subjecting him to nationwide ridicule. Dave White made “election integrity” a central pillar of his campaign.