Slack Volunteer Community

After organizing and winning while socially distant during the pandemic in 2020, we learned that online spaces and digital tools are indispensable to building Democratic power year after year — not just during major elections.

Democrats can’t afford to stop organizing during odd-numbered years. Slack allows us to organize everywhere and provide you with important updates — and it’s easy to download!

Getting Started

Slack is a customizable team communication platform that functions as a message board with dedicated channels. Upon joining, you’ll automatically be added to a few channels:

  • #welcome is our channel for introductions. Let us know where you’re joining from and why you’re excited to elect Dems in Pennsylvania!
  • #all-in-pa-announcements is your go-to space to see available volunteer opportunities, social media content to amplify, and other action items.
  • #help is our channel for help with Slack, or to ask questions that don’t fit into existing action channels.

Rules of the Road

  1. Be respectful. This is a place where dedicated voters like yourself can be trained, collaborate, and volunteer their time to fight for Democratic causes. We will not tolerate inappropriate language or behavior of any kind and reserve the right to remove anyone who we feel is violating our policies. 
  2. Be mindful. We want this to be a place where people find joy in organizing. Please do not spam or post anything not directly related to electing Democrats up and down the ballot!
  3. Be positive. When they go low, we go high! Let’s keep this a positive place focused on the strong leadership of our candidates and what we can do to elect them. 
  4. Stay focused. We need to ensure we are having productive conversations in the right places. Please be mindful of which channel you are in and keep conversations relevant — for example, keep phone banking questions in the #phone-banking channel!