Trump and MAGA Republicans’ Plot To End Pennsylvanians’ Medicare As We Know It

Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Senator Sharif Street released the following statement in response to recent reporting that Donald Trump’s MAGA Republican allies are planning for Trump to end Medicare as we know it:

“Donald Trump has long campaigned on attacking access to health care, and now his MAGA Republican allies are already laying the groundwork to effectively end Medicare as we know it for millions of Pennsylvanians’ if they get the chance. While Trump and MAGA Republicans continue fighting to create barriers to the health care Pennsylvanians rely on so they can pander to their ultra-wealthy donors, President Joe Biden has been working to make health care more accessible and affordable by bolstering the Affordable Care Act, capping the cost of prescription drugs, lowering premiums, and more. With Trump putting access to health care in danger once again, Pennsylvanians are continuing to witness how high the stakes are in this election as Trump’s deeply unpopular agenda threatens to devastate our hardworking families.”

Donald Trump’s MAGA Republican allies want to decimate [STATERS’] access to health care:

  • MAGA Republicans’ plan to end Medicare as we know it by “totally privatizing Medicare — and fast” would be devastating to the 2,805,431 Pennsylvanians who rely on it.
  • Trump said he would pursue cuts to Social Security and Medicare in a second term in office — and has threatened the programs’ financial standing by promising to permanently eliminate the taxes that fund both programs.
  • Trump has long made calls to privatize Social Security and even praised congressional Republicans as they pushed plans to end Medicare as we know it.
  • Trump and MAGA Republicans’ plan to gut Social Security and Medicare is extremely unpopular with Americans — including Republicans.
  • Trump is hellbent on dismantling the ACA and ripping away health care from millions of Americans – including 371,516 Pennsylvanians.