Donald Trump’s spokesperson Liz Harrington didn’t hold back in praising Mastriano’s MAGA leadership, and commending his widespread support from Trump supporters: “There’s a reason why Doug Mastriano broke the record for signatures to get on the ballot.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Last night, GOP primary for Governor frontrunner Doug Mastriano hosted a rally — and Donald Trump’s chief spokesperson Liz Harrington showed up to lend her support to the far-right firebrand, saying “Mastriano has to win” and, “this is the type of leader our country needs.”

Mastriano has long led the way in promoting the Big Lie, building his “street cred” by supporting Trump’s election conspiracy theories. Mastriano’s efforts — including attending the Jan. 6 insurrection and using thousands of dollars in campaign funds to bus Pennsylvanians to the Capitol that day, and serving as the original architect of Harrisburg Republicans’ sham election “audit” — have earned him a congressional subpoena, which he seemingly ignored.

In addition to championing the dangerous rhetoric that led to the Jan. 6 insurrection where Americans lost their lives and 140 police officers were injured, Harrington praised Mastriano’s leadership against Democrats and “RINO” Republicans, declaring, “We’re going to bring it to the Democrats, to the ‘Uniparty,’ to everyone who stands in our way. We’re not going to give up our country. We’re going to get our elections back, we’re going to save America. That’s what this is all about and it starts right here in Pennsylvania with Doug Mastriano for Governor.”

“Doug Mastriano has done more to champion Trump’s agenda than any other candidate in the crowded GOP primary for Governor — and while his fellow candidates pander to the conspiracy theorist base, Mastriano’s far-right credentials continue to draw infamous MAGA leaders like Michael Flynn, Jenna Ellis, and now, Liz Harrington to his side,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “While the rest of the far-right wannabes chase Doug Mastriano further down the conspiracy theorist rabbithole, the Pennsylvania Democratic Party will do all it can to ensure no Trump crony who causes instability in our communities is allowed anywhere near the Governor’s office.”