How the PA Democratic Party is Fighting Voter Suppression

By: Kay Yu, Voter Protection Director, PA Democratic Party

When more people vote, more Democrats get elected. Maybe that’s why Republicans work so hard to make voting difficult, especially for students and people of color.

But I believe—as I’m sure you do too—that equal, unencumbered access to the ballot is every American’s right. As PA Dems’ new Voter Protection Director, I’m here to fight for that right and help you do the same.

This year, PA Democrats are investing in voter protection earlier and more aggressively than ever before, with programs rolling out nine months sooner than in 2016. Here’s what that means.

Our Biggest Voter Protection Team Ever
On Election Day 2020, Democratic voting advocates and election lawyers will be stationed at more polling places than ever before, and we’ll have a voter support captain in all sixty-seven counties.

Local Partnerships & Advocacy
Through sustained, strategic outreach, we can help election officials prepare for and preempt the barriers that often keep Pennsylvanians from casting a vote.

Voter Education & Outreach
Every voter in PA can be a voting advocate! We’ll soon launch in-person and online seminars about changes to our voting system and how to protect your community’s rights.

Voter Registration & Vote by Mail Drives
We’ll tap advanced data and local know-how to reach Pennsylvania’s most disenfranchised communities with campaigns that extend the vote to those hit hardest by voter suppression.

Each of these initiatives will help elect Democrats across the ballot. More importantly, they’ll help us beat back Republicans’ underhanded attacks on people’s access to the ballot.


Sign up to be part of our voter protection team! We’ll provide the training and direction you need to be a voting advocate in your community on Election Day.