Bloomsburg Mayor, Justin Hummel: “That is Absurd.”

PENNSYLVANIA — David McCormick’s lies about where he’s from and where he lives continue to stay in the spotlight following a New York Times report that exposed him for giving “a misleading impression about key aspects of his background.”

What Pennsylvanians Are Reading: 

Press Enterprise: Candidate: Cartels hurt town

  • “These cartels are coming across the border and destroying our communities,” McCormick, 58, said in a speech given in Altoona the day after he won an unopposed Republican primary. “Destroying communities like this. My hometown of Bloomsburg. It’s unbelievable.”
  • But Bloomsburg officials say describing the town as “destroyed” is inaccurate, and said dealing with drug problems is complex.
  • “That is absurd,” said Mayor Justin Hummel, a Democrat. “America has a drug problem and I don’t think that any community is necessarily unique.”
  • Bloomsburg Chief Price took a more nuanced view, saying fentanyl comes from many sources, including cartels and China.
  • As far as McCormick’s comment about the town, he said, “That is not the context I would use.”
  • Hummel said as mayor, he does his best to promote Bloomsburg as a place to visit and live. He said McCormick is not painting his hometown in a good light by dragging its name into border-control disputes at the national level.
  • “I don’t think that drugs are destroying Bloomsburg…”

Associated Press: Money isn’t enough to smooth the path for Republican candidates hoping to retake the Senate

  • In Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, GOP Senate candidates are being pressed on whether they live in the state.
  • Dave McCormick, the Republican Senate nominee in Pennsylvania, has faced similar questions. The former hedge fund CEO has plenty of money to help fund a campaign in one of the most politically divided states. His 2024 net worth, with his wife, was between $61.6 million and $183.6 million. He lent over $14 million to his 2022 campaign for Senate, and so far he has plunged nearly $2 million into his bid this year.