Observer-Reporter Letter to the Editor: “David McCormick Is Failing Spectacularly At Trying To Connect With Pennsylvanians”

Courier Express Letter to the Editor: “Being A Farmer Isn’t The Only Thing McCormick Is Lying About”

PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvanians are calling out Connecticut hedge-fund CEO and mega-millionaire David McCormick for lying about being a farmer.

Here’s What Pennsylvanians Are Saying:

Observer-Reporter Letter to the Editor: McCormick pretending to be a farmer is insulting

  • Pennsylvania Republican Senate candidate David McCormick is failing spectacularly at trying to connect with Pennsylvanians, and now he’s taken a step too far by pretending he grew up on a family farm.
  • Not only does he live in Connecticut and lie about it, but now it has come out that he is lying about his upbringing as a Pennsylvania farmer despite the fact he was the CEO of the world’s largest hedge fund.
  • I’m a sixth-generation farmer in Washington County. There is a big difference between people like myself who are carrying on a legacy and just trying to make our way growing food for our community and our commonwealth and those like McCormick, a wealthy tax cheat.
  • McCormick’s family raised Arabian horses as a hobby on the farm he claims to have grown up on. No Pennsylvania farmer I know would call that “farming.”
  • So, it’s wrong for McCormick to try and label himself a farmer when he clearly hasn’t earned it with the long days and early mornings that Pennsylvania farmers put in to provide for our families and feed our country. It’s wrong that he thought he could trick Pennsylvanians into believing this lie, just like he has done with so many of his lies about living in Pennsylvania or standing up to China.
  • McCormick is simply out of touch with Pennsylvanians. He lives in a Connecticut mansion and made his millions shipping American jobs overseas. That is the truth, and no amount of lying can hide these facts, which make him unfit to be our next Pennsylvania senator.

Courier Express Letter to the Editor: McCormick’s Charade

  • David McCormick recently visited a farm in Clarion. From what I can gather, the only purpose of his visit was to try and desperately keep up his farmer charade, but we know the real story.
  • McCormick is out of touch with everyday, hardworking Pennsylvanians. He is an out-of-state, Connecticut hedge fund millionaire who is only out for himself. He has shipped American jobs overseas and built his massive fortune by investing billions of dollars in our country’s adversaries.
  • While running for Senate, he is trying to present an entirely false image of himself to Pennsylvanians in an attempt to distance himself from these truths. He has traveled across the commonwealth trying to fool us into believing he is someone he is not: a Pennsylvania farmer.
  • McCormick has repeatedly lied about growing up on a farm, when in reality he grew up in the Bloomsburg college president’s mansion. The family farm he said he worked on and was raised on was actually used to raise Arabian horses.
  • Unfortunately, being a farmer isn’t the only thing McCormick is lying about. He is lying about living in Pennsylvania, his stance on abortion, and his record of killing American jobs.
  • Pennsylvanians deserve a leader who will always tell the truth, and it’s clear that person isn’t Dave McCormick.