Daily Item Letter to the Editor: “Mr. McCormick Is an Ex-CEO Hedge Fund Manager Raising His Family in Connecticut”

Republican Herald Letter to the Editor: “The Majority of [McCormick’s] Time Has Been Spent Outside Pennsylvania over the Past Decades”

PENNSYLVANIA — Pennsylvanians are calling out Connecticut hedge-fund CEO and mega-millionaire David McCormick for lying about living in Pennsylvania and being out of touch with everyday Pennsylvanians in letters to the editor across the Commonwealth. 

Here’s What Pennsylvanians are Saying:

Daily Item: How to protect farmers

  • [McCormick] must be talking about super wealthy families who also own farms, but not family farms around here.
  • If he’s proposing another tax cut, it’s not to help the family farmer. It’s to help wealthy people. Mr. McCormick is an ex-CEO hedge fund manager raising his family in Connecticut who owns a family farm in Bloomsburg. If he argues for a tax cut, it is for wealthy people like himself and not for the family farmer.

Republican Herald: True Republicans shouldn’t vote for ‘Trumplicans’ 

  • Our senator, Robert Casey, is being challenged by a carpetbagger from Connecticut. Yes, Dave McCormick, who essentially resides in a rented mansion in the Constitution State. He does own a home in the Pittsburgh area, however the majority of his time has been spent outside Pennsylvania over the past decades. A nice tax dodge if you can afford it.
  • As a true Republican, not a Trumplican, I am asking all true Republicans in the state to help put down the danger Donald Trump and his MAGA followers pose to our Constitutional Republic.

PennLive: Who is Dave McCormick?

  • He’s the same man from Connecticut that ran for Senate in 2022. He ran the largest hedge fund on Wall Street and did lots of business with China. 
  • McCormick doesn’t believe in a woman’s right to choose.