Molly Jong-Fast: “This is His Second Cycle for Senate and He Didn’t Even Think to, Like, Move There”

Josh Barro: A “Voter Was Complaining To Him About Gas Prices […] He Goes, ‘Oh, Yeah, My Wife’s On The Board Of Exxon’” 

PENNSYLVANIA — Connecticut hedge fund CEO and mega-millionaire David McCormick is once again in the spotlight for his lies about living in Pennsylvania. Last week, political commentators called him out for chartering private planes to fly back to his home state of Connecticut.

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Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

  • Molly Jong-Fast: “But you think Dave McCormick I mean they’re just going to keep running these guys, right? Again and again and again.”
  • James Carville: “The Inquirer had a devastating story on McCormick on Sunday in the Philadelphia Inquirer about how [he] goes all around the state and how he loves the state…at the end of the day he got in his jet and flew back to Connecticut.” 
  • Molly Jong-Fast: “Yeah. They couldn’t even move to, like, a fancy suburb in Pennsylvania? The guy’s been running for Senate for like a year, not even for a year. This is his second cycle for Senate and he didn’t even think to, like, move there? It’s so crazy.” 

Bulwark Podcast:

  • Josh Barro: …Dave McCormick some voter was complaining to him about gas prices in a diner or something. He goes, ‘Oh, yeah, my wife’s on the board of Exxon,’ which is literally true. He’s like the opposite of relatable and he lives in Westport, Connecticut. 
  • Tim Miller: He also pretended to be a farmer
  • Josh Barro: …This is two Senate elections in a row where they’re picking someone who’s literally not from the state. […] He’s made his career and his life in Connecticut and is still commuting back and forth to his you know his mansion in Westport, Connecticut. Even farther away than the northern New Jersey, affluent suburb where Dr. Oz lived. You would think that there is some Republican who has, like, held office in the state of Pennsylvania who they can nominate for these things.
  • Tim Miller: Yeah, the supply and demand issue for Republican candidates is definitely a problem. Where they’ve got Confederate cosplayer Doug Mastriano, Dr. Oz, and a Connecticut hedge-fund guy as the candidates they came with.

This is the latest in slew of questions McCormick has faced over his Connecticut residency.

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Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast:

  • Molly Jong-Fast: You know they actually brought in a candidate who lives in California to run for the Wisconsin seat.
  • Rick Wilson: Well that’s like Dave McCormick in Pennsylvania. He flew his jet down from his house in Connecticut. I’m not kidding you
  • Jong-Fast: No, no he really did. This is not even a joke.
  • Wilson: They bought a house in a very fancy neighborhood I know because I know one of his neighbors and they fly their jet down there when Dave has to come down for events. They commute from Connecticut to run for US Senate in Pennsylvania.

KDKA Radio:

  • Host Natalie Bencivenga: The David McCormick issue, who owns homes worth millions of dollars and he’s not even here. I also found this really interesting story on Penn Capital-Star […] ‘property taxes paid late twice on McCormick’s Pittsburgh house, records show.’ So, the guy isn’t even here, probably forgot he had this property, doesn’t even pay his taxes, and yet we’re supposed to take him seriously? 

6ABC “Inside Story”

  • Congressman Bob Brady: “…People don’t want carpetbaggers…This guy’s coming in from Connecticut. I mean, you know, half the time here, the other half the time.”

6ABC “Inside Story”:

  • Panelist Sam Katz: That won’t be a hard characteristic to tag [McCormick] with. He is the head of a hedge fund. He lives in Connecticut. […] I think he’s out of touch. […] The Republican Party in Pennsylvania can’t find a Pennsylvanian to run for the United States Senate?

6ABC “Inside Story”:

  • Panelist Melissa Robbins: If you look at David McCormick, here’s a man who has homes in Dallas and Connecticut and Pittsburgh, and all over the place. […] You know, as soon as he announces, he jumps up, he flies here to Pennsylvania, he purchases a home. […] Who’s to say he hops up and moves to Texas and he runs there? How can independent voters or swing voters trust a man who has not established residency in our home state?
  • Panelist Brian Tierney: He needs to stop doing things like, he wrote a check a few months ago to Elise Stefanik, who’s a Republican leader. He did do it from his Connecticut address.

ABC27 “This Week in Pennsylvania”:

  • Brittany Crampsie: Now the PA GOP is outsourcing their candidate for Senate. [McCormick’s] from Connecticut, he doesn’t live here.