The Messenger: “Flight Records Appear to Show the PA Senate Hopeful Flying Back to Connecticut After His Campaign Launch”

New Report Adds to Mounting Evidence That McCormick is Lying About Living in Pennsylvania

PENNSYLVANIA — A new report from The Messenger revealed that David McCormick flew back to his home state of Connecticut less than 24 hours after launching his Senate campaign in Pittsburgh. Reporting shows McCormick spent just a few hours in Erie before taking a private plane back home to Connecticut. 

This report adds to mounting evidence that McCormick does not live in Pennsylvania. In August, a report from The Associated Press caught McCormick in yet another lie to voters about living in Pennsylvania when he had actually been living on Connecticut’s “gold coast.” Then, Vanity Fair broke the news that McCormick has been chartering private planes to fly to Pennsylvania for events from his multi-million dollar mansion in his home state of Connecticut. 

Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Maddy McDaniel issued the following statement:

“David McCormick didn’t even bother staying in Pennsylvania for a full day after launching his campaign because he actually lives in Connecticut.”

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  • When Republican Dave McCormick launched his Senate campaign in Pittsburgh last month, he went into painstaking detail about his Pennsylvania roots. 
  • But reporting from the AP and flight records obtained by The Messenger suggest McCormick still lives in Connecticut
  • According to flight data, McCormick flew on Monday, September 18th from Bridgeport, Connecticut to Harrisburg to visit the state capitol, where he was spotted meeting with state Sen. Doug Mastriano, the hard-right 2022 GOP gubernatorial nominee. The same plane took off back to Bridgeport hours later. 
  • And on August 9, another plane operated by PlaneSense flew from Bridgeport to Allegheny County. McCormick attended a local GOP event the next day. Then, three days later, another PlaneSense plane flew from Allegheny County back to Bridgeport. 
  • On the same day, flight tracking data obtained by The Messenger showed a plane owned by PlaneSense departed from Erie around 2 p.m. and landed in Bridgeport an hour and twenty minutes later. 
  • “David McCormick didn’t even bother staying in Pennsylvania for a full day after launching his campaign because he actually lives in Connecticut,” said Maddy McDaniel, senior communications advisor for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party.