McCormick is Focused on Outsourcing U.S. Jobs, Investing in China, and Definitely Not Lying About Where He Lives

WESTPORT — Today in Connecticut, hedge fund CEO and mega-millionaire resident David McCormick launched his campaign for the U.S. Senate in his home state. McCormick talked to his fellow Nutmeggers and billionaire backers about his work to continue outsourcing American jobs, investing with U.S. adversaries, and prioritizing wealthy corporations over working families.

David McCormick for Connecticut spokesperson TaNisha Cameron issued the following statement:

“David McCormick is proud of his history of putting his bottom line ahead of American workers and having a dangerous agenda that is out of touch with the issues that matter. He’s focused on repealing legislation that will create thousands of good-paying jobs, prioritizing investing in China over American workers, and attacking women’s right to make decisions about their own bodies. David McCormick doesn’t ‘really care’ if jobs are shipped overseas and he will continue putting his Wall Street friends first.”

Though this press release is an April Fool’s Joke, David McCormick’s record is not. Learn more here