Jake Corman is highlighting the very problems he’s responsible for helping create, and Bill McSwain is calling him out for it — but McSwain forgets that he too is “the height of hypocrisy.”

PENNSYLVANIA — Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the most hypocritical of them all? Well, after a quick glance at Bill McSwain’s Twitter, it seems he’s trying to make Pennsylvanians think it’s Jake Corman — but McSwain’s own campaign has been filled with non-stop hypocrisy. 

Of course, it’s no coincidence Bill McSwain’s campaign is trying to deflect attention after he was just called out for his “sly edit” in recent TV ads — including a photo with Trump on Fox News, while removing him in all other stations.

But whose hypocrisy is more blatant? Let’s take a walk down memory lane to try to help settle Bill McSwain and Jake Corman’s battle over who’s the greatest hypocrite:

Bill McSwain champions the Big Lie — even though he failed to investigate a single case of voter fraud in 2020

Bill McSwain has yet to live down his desperate attempt to earn political points with Trump this summer when he wrote the now infamous letter begging for Trump’s endorsement and claiming voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Despite his commitment as a gubernatorial candidate to earn the support of Trump and the MAGA base, he didn’t have the same commitment as Trump’s U.S. Attorney. In fact, in 2020, McSwain failed to prosecute a single case of voter fraud.

Jake Corman vows to repeal Act 77 — despite voting to create the policy 

Jake Corman has long been a part of the problem in Harrisburg, leading a GOP legislature that is “doing less and less actual lawmaking.” Now, he’s hoping Pennsylvanians will forget his record, including on Act 77. Specifically, Corman voted to enact vote by mail in Pennsylvania, but he’s now trashing it at every turn, vowing to repeal the legislation and tirelessly trying to make it more difficult for Pennsylvanians to vote. In no uncertain terms, McSwain has called a vote for Act 77 “disqualifying” in the Governor’s race.

Even Dave White’s consultants are getting in on the fun — mocking Corman’s desperate campaign and stating his “entire platform appears to be undoing all the unpopular stuff he enthusiastically voted for in the Senate… no wonder the guy can’t get out of 5th place.” 

“Bill McSwain and Jake Corman are struggling in the crowded ‘Trump Primary,’ but they have a real chance at earning the title of biggest hypocrite — and that’s saying something when considering the double-digit GOP field,” said Pennsylvania Democratic Party spokesperson Marisa Nahem. “Jake Corman can’t seem to outrun his record, and he’s being forced to spend his time campaigning on his opposition to policy he helped create. Bill McSwain is championing repeatedly disproven claims of voter fraud to try to fool Trump into forgetting that he didn’t investigate a single case of voter fraud in 2020. Whatever McSwain and Corman are doing, it’s clearly not working — and Pennsylvanians recognize them for what they really are: hypocrites.”