Trump, Pennsylvania Republicans Put Politics Over Securing the Border

Today, Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chairman Senator Sharif Street released the following statement after Donald Trump ordered congressional Republicans to kill bipartisan border security reforms: 

“At Donald Trump’s command, Pennsylvania Republicans have attacked the toughest and fairest reforms to secure the border in decades for the sole purpose of helping Trump politically,” Pennsylvania Democratic Party Chair Senator Sharif Street said. “From day one, President Biden has been working to fix our country’s broken immigration system, and for weeks he has supported negotiations to craft a fair and strong bipartisan agreement that would make our country safer and make the border more secure while treating people fairly and humanely. Let’s be clear: Pennsylvania voters want real solutions like the bipartisan Senate agreement, and they will remember this November that Trump and his MAGA Pennsylvania Republicans have chosen politics over safety and security.”

Voters across the country and in Pennsylvania support the border reforms in the bipartisan deal: 

  • Providing more funds to help secure the border, which 73% of voters support. 
  • Two-thirds of voters support hiring new immigration judges and asylum officers, which would make our immigration system more efficient. 
  • And an overwhelming bipartisan majority of Americans, including 75% of Republicans,oppose inhumane policies like family separation, which Trump and MAGA Republicans have proposed.